Wednesday, October 16, 2002

hey everyone!
I know you are sure as hell excited to see a blog by someone named makayla. Not many people are named makayla, its one of those yuppie names given to children by parents who are hollywood celebs and models who's fellow coworkers name their children names with outrageous spellings such as Tayryyn and Alexxa and Kamillia. But makayla is my name and it suits me well. I like it as a matter of fact. I always feel sorry for the mary's and jessica's and elizabeth's of the world. I mean, could their parents not be more creative? But I must admit, Tayryyn or Kamillia is a bit much. Anyways, this is not really important right now. My "blog" is going to I hope have you know me without KNOWING me (does that make sense?) oh yeah, by the way, what the hell is up with the name BLOG? it sounds just so damn stupid, like there was a contest for the best name and a two year old said "blog" and some stupid producer guy said "oh what a great name!" and it stuck! Come on, blog? Is that because these computer people are too lazy to say "weblog?" its only two more letters people! is "blog" some like cool ghetto slang? I don't know, its a mystery..........
"oh look, I have a shot and you have a shot! lets drink!"(while insanely drunk)~Kendal I am soooooooo in love with kendal. Actually, the reason I am even on this site making this blog (there's that word again) is cuz I was searching for kendal web sites and some girl was dissing kendal in her blog, so I decided to make one and it would declare the greatness of kendal. Kendal looks like a typical dumb blonde, at least thats what I thought. But she is the sweetest girl and she is soooo awesome! I felt so bad for her when Eric (that jerk!) started hooking up with Trishelle (who I and some friends affectionately refer to as Tri-slut, a fitting name I believe). "I mean, Kick me when I'm down!"~Kendal again. I have a Kendal obsession, I am seriously in love with her. I am not gay, bi-sexual, or whatever, I just love Kendal. Kendal is a cool name too. Well, I have wasted most of my time and energy typing about Kendal :) so I better go now, but I'll catch you later! You know you love me :) *Makayla*